Let’s Confer

Confer… /kənˈfər/ – verb

  • have discussions; exchange opinions. “the officials were conferring with allies”
  • synonyms: consult, have discussions, discuss things, exchange views, talk, have a talk, speak, converse, communicate, have a chat, have a tête-à-tête;

Shouldn’t a conference be a place for conferring, a place for exchanging opinions and discussing rather than just listening… to talking heads? We think the answer to that question is a resounding YES!



No More Talking Heads!

HCC2019 will be a conference that is different than most. We are committed to producing a conference that will encourage interactive dialogue. Unlike so many other gatherings, HCC2019 will de-emphasize the giving of information and focus on discussions about relevant issues.

We are challenging all of our presenters (oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, and symposia) to design their presentations with at least equal time for questions and discussions. And, yes, we are similarly challenging our keynote presenters to do the same.

And, besides all that, each afternoon will begin with what we anticipate will become the signature event of our conference – the plenary Discourse and Dialogue Sessions. Imagine that you invited important panelists over for lunch and now you have retired to your sitting room to continue your table chat. What would you talk about? What would you ask your invited guests? What would you have to say. That will be the scenario of the Discourse and Dialogue sessions. Further details including panelists and suggested discussion topics will be posted on the HCC2019 website and in later posts here.

And we haven’t yet touched on the Bengal Room World Café Sessions. That will be the subject of a whole other post!

Will you commit to being an active participant in our discussions, whether from behind or in front of the podium?

As always, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, join our Facebook Group, and, of course, Share the Love!

See you at HCC2019.

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